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Open Court Reading is research-based comprehensive K–5 reading, writing, and language arts curriculum that aligns with what we know about how students learn to read.
Overview of Open Court Reading Comprehensive Curriculum​
Building Strategic Readers and Strategic Thinkers​

The goal of Open Court Reading is for all students to be confident readers by grade 3, as well as strategic readers and thinkers:​
◆ Inquiry forms the heart of the program as students apply what they have learned in the unit to find out more about a topic that interests them.​​
◆ Reading strategies align with the inquiry process in each unit as students use the content as the basis for research.​​
◆ A focus on skill-building gives students the tools they need to be successful at any inquiry task.​​
◆ Unit Inquiry activities require students to research and explore using a variety of media to build deep knowledge about a topic of their choice.

Student Edition & Skills Practice Book
First Reader(Grade K - 1)
Lesson & Unit Assessment
Pre-Decodables & Decodables
Language Art Handbook(Grade 2- 5)
Student Digital Center
ㆍ Lesson Videos
ㆍ Audio Student Edition
ㆍ eGAmes
ㆍ eActivities
ㆍ Alphabet Sound Cards(Grade K)
ㆍ Sound/Spelling Cards(Grade 1 - 5)

Teacher Edition
Blackline Masters with Answer keys
Foundational Skill Kit(Grade K - 3)
Word Analysis Kit(Grade 2 & 5)
Teacher Digital Center
ㆍ eBooks
ㆍ Ready-to-go Lesson Plans
ㆍ Differentiated Instructions
ㆍ Lesson videos & ePresentation
ㆍ Hands-on Projects & eActivties
ㆍ Hundreds of Resources
ㆍ eAssessments & Assignments
ㆍ Professional Development

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