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More than 25 years of research by the world's top learning scientists has led to Redbird Mathematics—a revolutionary learning model developed for digital natives.
Redbird Mathematics:
Personalized Learning in Math​

Originally developed by Stanford University, the Redbird Mathematics curriculum features the latest in adaptive instruction, gamification, and digital project-based learning. It is designed to meet the requirements of national and state math standards.​

ㆍFocus is achieved through an emphasis on the major criteria.​
ㆍCoherence is developed by illuminating connections between concepts and utilizing mathematical structure.​
ㆍThe three components of rigor—conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and applications—are integrated into the learning experience.

Understanding is developed through initial instruction and honed through problem solving. Procedural skill initiates with instruction and fluency is achieved through plenty of practice, including engaging, on-going games. Applications appear throughout courses, in the form of contextualized problems and STEM projects.

Additionally, rich STEM projects, career pathways, and contextualized problems inspire students to develop a love of mathematics and connections to the real world. To actively support teachers, Redbird Mathematics provides recommendations for instructional groups and intervention needs based on keystroke level data from students' work in the program.​

Redbird Math Digital Account
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Redbird Math Digital Account
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