Adaptive Learning Platform

  • McGraw Hill

    McGraw Hill

    Popular McGraw Hill titles from kindergarten to the 12th grade are now available. These include books about science, math, social studies, and language arts.
  • McGraw Hill - Redbird Math

    McGraw Hill - Redbird Math

    More than 25 years of research by the world's top learning scientists has led to Redbird Mathematics—a revolutionary learning model developed for digital natives.
  • McGraw Hill - ALEKS

    McGraw Hill - ALEKS

    ALEKS is an online math assessment and adaptive learning program for grades 3–12 that helps students review and successfully master the skills needed to meet critical mathematical benchmarks and standards.
  • McGraw Hill - Redbird Language Arts

    McGraw Hill - Redbird Language Arts

    Redbird Language Arts & Writing is a digital, adaptive personalized learning solution that helps students achieve their full potential as writers—no matter where they are on the learning continuum.
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