• Speak Your Mind

    Speak Your Mind

    Speak Your Mind helps young adults to develop effective communication skills with a focus on speaking English in both local and global scenarios.
  • Future 2/e 系列

    Future 2/e 系列

    Since it was first published, Future has helped over half a million students learn English and achieve their personal, career and educational goals.
  • Get Involved

    Get Involved

    Get Involved! equips teenage students with the sense of excitement and appetite to explore the world ahead of them. It develops their linguistic skills and Super Skills, encouraging them to get involved in driving their future.
  • New Interactions 系列

    New Interactions 系列

    New Interactions is a fully revised and enhanced edition of the most trusted brand name in English for Academic Purposes,the pioneer series Interactions/Mosaic.
  • StartUp 系列

    StartUp 系列

    StartUp is an eight-level, general American English course for adults and young adults who want to make their way in the world and need English to do it. The course takes learners from CEFR A1 to C1 and enables students to track how their English is progressing in detail.
  • Skillful 2/e 系列

    Skillful 2/e 系列

    全套分成Reading & Writing 和 Listening & Speaking雨個系列,每個系列各有五冊,課程單元以引導式啟發學生英語思考能力。根據Stella Cottrell的學習技巧手冊,引入仿真情境訓練,幫助學生有效率地提升英語能力。另外各單元設計的分組練習,內容豐富且彈性,以同儕互動的方式,訓練學生口語流暢度。
  • World English 3/e 系列

    World English 3/e 系列

    National Geographic Learning materials with TED Talks help learners develop effective and confident English communication skills.
  • Reading and Vocabulary Development 4/e 系列

    Reading and Vocabulary Development 4/e 系列

    The Reading and Vocabulary Development series helps students to strengthen their reading skills and expand their vocabulary with interesting topics and meaningful activities, and to gain practical language skills they can apply in their everyday lives.
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