Skillful 2/e 系列

Skillful 2/e 

全套分成Reading & Writing 和 Listening & Speaking雨個系列,每個系列各有五冊,課程單元以引導式啟發學生英語思考能力。根據Stella Cottrell的學習技巧手冊,引入仿真情境訓練,幫助學生有效率地提升英語能力。另外各單元設計的分組練習,內容豐富且彈性,以同儕互動的方式,訓練學生口語流暢度。

Skillful Second Edition Listening & Speaking helps teachers prepare students for success in academic university English programmes. Through engaging content, a skills-based syllabus, clear step-by-step lessons, and a strong academic focus, students develop the language, confidence, and skills they need at university and in their future careers.

● The Second Edition features fresh new content, and thought-provoking material and topics.
● Engaging video from Reuters presents language in a real-world context.
● Students learn to use academic English through skills-based tasks and challenging reading material.
● Step-by-step writing lessons help students work towards producing academic essays in English.
● Critical Thinking sections, academic vocabulary, and Study Skills from Stella Cottrell give students the language and planning techniques to improve academic performance.
● The full-interactive Digital Student's Book and Online Workbook provide further practice, reinforcing language skills.

Following a shared topic syllabus, Skillful Second Edition Listening & Speaking can be combined seamlessly with Skillful Second Edition Reading & Writing for a more comprehensive English skills course, or used independently.

全套分成Reading & Writing 和 Listening & Speaking雨個系列,每個系列各有五冊,課程單元以引導式啓發學生英語思考能力。根據Stella Cottrell的學習技巧手冊,引入仿真情境訓練,幫助學生有效率地提升英語能力。另外各單元設計的分組練習,內容豐富且彈性,以同儕互動的方式,訓練學生口語流暢度。

● 精選路透社的影片講解句型與單字。
● 日常生活英文情境,啓發學生思辯能力與聽力技巧。
● 各項語言能力練習活動,包含發音練習、口語表達與寫作方法。
● 全新且豐富的考題資,節省老師的出題時間。